President of the Mess Committee

MS Daniel Clarke

Formation Master Seaman and PMC of The Pacific Fleet Club, MS Daniel Clarke, Naval Communicator.

MS Ensom PMC 2013-2016

Naval Communicator Master Seaman Brandon Ensom was the PMC of the Pacific Fleet Club Junior Ranks Club.  He began his position as PMC in 2013, and was posted out to HMCS Winnipeg in April of 2016. During that time he also assumed the role of Formation Master Seaman.

Mark Pyza - PMC 2013

Mark Pyza - Was PMC of the Pacific Fleet Club in 2013.

As the Formation Master Seaman, he focused on creating more awareness about the relatively new FMS position.  He created a ‘lines of communication’ network within MARPAC where PMCs of all ships and submarines, as well as representatives from all major base units were invited to create a better flow of information between the junior ranks and Comd MARPAC/JTFP.


He remembers both positions as very demanding but easily one of the most rewarding jobs he took on.  It was a great experience to not only take care of members and their families via events, baby gift packages, and care packages while members were in hospital, but also to be able to look at the Formation as a whole and be able to explain command directives and communicate the junior ranks’ morale and welfare.

MS Harrison PMC 2009-2011

MS (ret’d) Harrison was PMC from April 2009 – January 2011. During 2010, she was at the leading edge of celebrating the Naval Centennial, sitting on the Homecoming Statue and Naval Ball Committees, and hosting the Fleet Week Meet & Greet for all ranks of the foreign navies who came to celebrate the week-long event.


During her tenure, MS (ret’d) Harrison brought in the Fleet Club’s Ship’s Print titled, “Coming Home”, the Mess Coin for all members, the electronic sign out front, and began the process for the long overdue remodelling of the lower member’s lounge. Together with her exemplary Mess Committee, she hosted a Mess Dinner, brought in many bands, celebrated Octoberfest, and had many morale-boosting events for all members of the Mess.


Since she retired, MS (ret’d) Harrison has stayed in the immediate area and looks back on her time as PMC as an exciting end to a varied career as a Supply Technician.