OKANAGAN Lounge Bar Hours

Okanagan Lounge Bar Hours
*Members and guests only*


Monday-Saturday opening at 1900

Sunday-Monday - CLOSED

We're proud to feature some outstanding local breweries on tap

Critical Point - Category 12 Brewing

This true Northwest Pale Ale is all about timing. An emphasis on late hop additions with notes of tropical hops, Critical Point is extremely smooth. The alluring citrus aroma will draw you in and the well-rounded caramel finish will keep you coming back.

Welcome to the lab.

Dark Matter - Hoyne Brewing Co.

Deep inside the Hadron Collider physicists hurtle sub-atomic particles with lightning speed on a collision course with each other. They do so in the pursuit of pure science, in the hope of one day being able to unlock the mystery of the elusive unseen fabric upon which our universe is embroidered: Dark Matter.

Get Home Safe.

Taxi Chits are authorized in an amount not to exceed Twenty Five dollars
($25.00) per chit with only one chit per residence. Taxi Chits are made
available at any time for Ordinary and Associate members who are unfit to drive,
and are to be used to transport members from the Mess to the member's residence.

Any misuse of the chit, will result in the member paying for the taxi chit.